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Men looking for plus size women
Men looking for plus size women

Nowadays our image has become the main reason of our relationship problems. In a survey of 37,500 girls aged 12 to 15, more than half listed appearance as their biggest worry. Is it a worrying statistic? For sure, it is.

Over 60 % of American women are over size 12. It makes us think that fatter women’s figures are returning... Do men really like plus size ladies? Yes, as many cultures prefer bigger woman.

Here is an alternative point of view from a culture where people take a different view of size. “ I must eat so I will be fat and people will not laugh at my figure”, explains one of the women in a fattening room in Calabar, Southern Nigeria. “Nobody will marry me if I don’t get fatter.” Women come from all over Nigeria to put on extra pounds at these fattening rooms. “We can make any woman obese,” boasts the owner. “ They will get a husband after their stay here, no problem.” The woman eat all day and avoid moving so they don’t burn off any calories. “ It is a bit tiring eating all the time, but I know when I come out I will be attractive and beautiful,” said the woman.

Nowadays some men love big women and they find skinny girls very ugly. Women are expected to have curves. Men think that plus size women are very nice especially when they are wearing a little bit tight dress. It makes them look even more attractive for men. Men are also observant, some of them like bigger ladies with hips and curves and are not afraid to say it. But women must remember that a real man will love a woman for who she is, not how she looks like.

So, we have to ask the question: Are you happy with your size and weight and body? If you are, it is good to remember that you can be overweight and healthy and beautiful at the same time. To be happy we have to be totally comfortable with who we are.

Each of us was born with a different body frame type. We all can admit that we like healthy people. Today media are responsible for the change in people’s attitudes towards the size of woman.  We have to notice how, within half a century, the ideal movie star body has changed from Marilyn Monroe to skinny Sarah Jessica Parker. But it is easy to see that the attitude is slowly changing and soon the society will totally accept big woman and ladies would not feel bad about looking at themselves sideways in the mirror.

To sum up I must say that we all have rights to have the size and shape we wish to have. Beauty comes in all shapes and size. Why do people see only in white , when there are many colours of the rainbow? Variety is beautiful.



Are you happy with your size?

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